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Your account hacked?

Your account hacked?

Is your clash of clans forum accounts  being hacked? Supercell has come out to say that their users of its official forum has had their data hacked. The main reason for that is because of the forum making software vBulletin. The information leaked out is involving username, email addresses, hashed passwords, and the IP addresses.  This is of major concern because it means that you could have an unknown user going into the forum as you.

They released a statement about the incident and it was name ” Your Supercell forum password may be at risk”. The team found that the initial breach took place in the 3rd quarter of last year.

Supercell said ” To provide a forum service, we use a software from We are looking into report that a vulnerability allowed 3rd party hackers to gain illegal access to some of the forum user information and that include a number of emails and password….”


Supercell then urge it users of the forum to change their password immediately and although the breach has been fixed. They did not comment further on the scope of the hack.

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  1. Mike

    This is crazy interesting! I need to take care of my forum account!


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